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We are convinced that incidents can be prevented, investments in security can be effectuated and security can contribute to the success of the organization.

This can be achieved by gaining insight into the integral proactive security process, filling in the preconditions for a successful implementation and guaranteeing the quality of the actors in the security process.

In addition to inspiring courses and training about integral proactive security and how quality is guaranteed, OrcaSecure also offers organizational advice to implement this effective way of security and to implement the preconditions for success.


OrcaSecure believes that adults mainly learn through experience. For that reason, there is a lot of practice in our courses and training courses.


OrcaSecure helps organizations with the implementation of the proactive security concept. This includes the development of:

Threat analyses 

Integral Proactive Security Policy 

Security Plans

 Standard Operating Procedures

Exercise- & Trainingsprograms

Red Teaming

Security Awareness Programs

 Security Audits. 


References and Customers of OrcaSecure

E-learning Threat Analysis

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OrcaSecure BV aims to make security effective.

Effective security will be achieved through an integrated approach, a proactive security concept in accordance with the methodology of Predictive profiling and experienced and security personnel.

In the proactive security concept, people are the key to success and that is why we focus on the human factor in the proactive security concept. Through this people-oriented approach we bring the security of organizations and companies to a high quality level, so that the security meets all expectations in all facets.


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