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Threat analysis

The foundation of proactive security is the threat analysis. The threat analysis provides answers for the three essential questions in security:

What should be protected?

Who has interest in the protected assets?

How does the adversary operate to achieve his goal?

Orca Secure uses for the development of threat analysis

the BowTie methodology. Based on well-organized diagrams,

inventoried hazards, critical events, threats and consequences are presented.

In addition, the diagram shows the proposed security measures to mitigate the threats.

Based on the so called Perpetrator-Matrice, an inventory is made of which adversary types are able to threaten the protected environment. Based on the criminal planning cycle, Methods of Operation are defined of the identified threats. These methods of operation are displayed in Threat Matrices by potential damage and difficulty.

The completed Threat Matrix shows the degree of vulnerability of the organization.

OrcaSecure helps organizations with the development of the threat analysis. Please contact us for additional information or questions.


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