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OrcaSecure assumes that adults mainly learn through experience. For that reason, our courses and training include a good dose of practice.

Certified Security Profiler (CSP®) training.

Predictive Profiling is the unique approach to security that focuses on the adversary and his methods. The methodology is applicable to both publicly accessible and closed objects.

Working from the Predictive Profiling methodology makes it possible to recognize preparatory criminal or terrorist acts and to prevent the impending incident with the correct follow-up steps. While the traditional security organization often responds to incidents, proactive security using the Predictive Profiling methodology actually prevents incidents and saves costs.

Teacher training in Proactive Security

The exam requirements for the popular optional component Proactive Security (SVPB) have recently been approved and published. To offer teachers the opportunity to meet the exam requirements of the SVPB, OrcaSecure is starting the Proactive Security training for teachers in collaboration with Trio Security.

The 3-day Proactive Security Teacher Training includes an exam that is under the auspices of the Center of Experts. (COE)

Course Practice Leader for Object Security Officers (RHSOI ®)

Security guards have to deal with an opponent in their work. An opponent who is well prepared, practiced and motivated. In order to withstand this threat, our security guards will also have to be well prepared for their task and assignment. The current preparation mainly consists of thorough training, additional specific courses and knowledge of procedures and instructions. By regularly practicing skills, security guards are truly well prepared to withstand the threat.

Practical guidance CSP.

The purpose of this practical guidance is to guide candidates in possession of the Predictive Profiling theory diploma with the practical assignment and the practical exam. The Predictive Profiling practical diploma entitles you to registration in the Certified Security Profiler (CSP®) register of the Center of Experts (COE).


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