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Certified Security Profiler CSP®

We believe that with the Israeli security method or proactive security incidents could be prevented and that our society would be safer through this proactive approach.

The Israeli security method is the unique approach to security that focuses on the adversary method of operation. The methodology can be applied to both public accessible and closed objects.

Through the methodology it makes possible for security personnel to recognize preparatory criminal or terrorist acts and prevent the imminent incident. Where the traditional security organization often responds to incidents, proactive security effectively prevents incidents and saves costs.

The course takes 5 days (1 day per week) at the Security Academy, De Bleek 11 in Woerden, Netherlands.

Classes start at 09:00 and until 16:00.

View the schedule for the program of the course.

The intensive program alternates with theory and practice.

After the course you are able to:

- implement the proactive security process within your organization;

- based on a threat analysis, to define the modus operandi for your organization;

- develop proactive procedures.

After implementation, the security officers within the organization are able to carry out a threat assessment, to recognize early threats, and take the proper action against the threat.

After successfully run the course you have enough knowledge to get started with the practical assignment which is examined by the Center of Experts Board of Examiners.

After completing the practical assignment you can register in the Register Certified Security Profiler (CSP) of the Center of Experts.

Cost: € 1,950 excl. VAT

Including theory exam, syllabus, E-book "Proactive Security" and lunch, coffee & tea.

See the course calendar for the next course

If you would like to know more about the five-day course Certified Security Profiler (CSP®), please contact us at

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