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Security Plans

According the Integral Proactive Security Policy, security plans are developed.

OrcaSecure develops these plans using six tactical security processes:

1. The Acces Control Process

Within the Access Control process, the following plans are described and implemented:

  • Zoning

  • Access control plans 

  • Authorization profiles

  • Management plans

  • Standard Operating Procedures

2. The Supervision process

Within the Supervision process the following plans are described and implemented:

  • Camera Plans 

  • Camera Regulations

  • Detection Plans

  • Standard Operating Procedures

3. The Alarm Verification process

Within the Alarm Verification process, the Standard Operating Procedure specifies how alarms are to be verified.

4. The Incident Management process

Within the Incident Management process, the following plans are described and implemented:

  • Business Emergency Plans

  • Crisis Management Plans

  • Alarm protocols as part of the Standard Operating Procedures


5. The Services process

Within the Services process, agreements and under which conditions service takes place are documented in the following documents:

  • The Products and Services catalog (PDC)

  • The Service Level Agreement (SLA)


6. The Pre and in-employment screening process

Within the Pre and In-Employment Screening process, the following plans describe and implement the method of screening and for which employees within the organization:

  • Pre-employment screening plan

  • In-employment screening plan

  • Post-employment screening plan

OrcaSecure helps organizations to develop security plans.

Please contact us for additional information or questions.

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