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We are convinced that proactive security implements measures and security can contribute to the success of the organization

This can be done by gaining knowledge about the integrated proactive security process, creating the right conditions for successful implementation and practicing with everyone who participates in the security process.

In addition to inspiring courses and training on proactive security and training staff, OrcaSecure also offers advice on this effective method of security and the conditions for successful implementation.


OrcaSecure believes that adults mainly learn through experience. That is why there is a lot of practice in our courses and training.


OrcaSecure helps organizations with the implementation of the proactive security concept. This includes the development of:

Threat analysis

IIntegral Proactive Security Policy  

Security plans

Standard Operating Procedures

Exercise and training programs

Red Teaming

Security Awareness Program

Security Audits.


References and Customers of OrcaSecure


Security guards are increasingly expected to act proactively. This has now become an important part of basic security training.

This course includes:

  • More than 50 videos with voice over and practical examples

  • Written text of the 'voice over' for each video

  • 11 practical exercises

  • Various rehearsal questions in preparation for the SVPB exam

  • Useful diagrams and articles to download.


About us

OrcaSecure BV aims to make security effective.

Effective security is achieved through an integrated approach, a proactive security concept according to the Israeli security method and experienced security personnel.

In the proactive security concept, people are the key to success and that is why we focus on the human factor in the proactive security concept. Through this people-oriented approach, we bring the security of organizations and companies to a high quality level, so that security meets all expectations in all facets.


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