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About OrcaSecure

OrcaSecure BV aims to make security effective. Effective security is achieved through an integrated approach, a proactive security concept in accordance with the Predictive profiling methodology and trained security guards. In the proactive security concept, people are the determining factor for success and that is why we focus on the human factor in the proactive security concept. Through this people-oriented approach, we bring the security of organizations and companies to a high-quality level, so that security meets expectations in all facets.

  • Education and training

  • Services and advice

  • workshops and presentations

  • Red Teaming in the context of quality assurance.

Jan van Twillert

Jan van Twillert has been director/owner of OrcaSecure BV since 2014. Jan works at OrcaSecure as a teacher/trainer and security advisor. In 2012 he developed the Predictive Profiling Course under license from ESIF. From 2008 to the end of 2013 he worked at the consultancy firm Promundo as a security advisor, trainer and interim Security Manager. In the period between 1998 and 2008 he was head of Security at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), where he led a Corporate Security team. During this period he developed and successfully implemented the training program for object security guards. His book "Be Prepared for the Unexpected" was published in 2011, in which the exercise program is described. Jan van Twillert also worked in the private security sector for 9 years, where he was responsible for the qualitative provision of security services, first as an inspector and later as a district manager. He started his career as a professional soldier in the Royal Navy. In 2008, Jan van Twillert was certified as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) by ASIS International. In Israel he followed the train-the-trainer Predictive Profiling led by Chameleon Associates, as well as the Spotter training of the Dutch Police Academy and a Security Questioning training. From 2012 to 2016, Jan van Twillert was a member of the National Think Tank Integrated Security.

Our Logo

The OrcaSecure BV logo consists of 2 orcas coming upright from the water. I'm often asked why orcas? As an amateur biologist, I have been studying the orca population north of Vancouver Island, Canada, for 15 years. Over the past fifteen years I have learned how intelligent and social orcas are. Orcas are not only interested in their own environment, the ocean, but also regularly check above water to see whether there is anything that may threaten them or whether there is something above water that they like. Looking above water is also called "spyhopping". The link with security is quickly made. Effective security is proactive and requires knowledge of how the opponent works. In other words, we will have to regularly "spy hop" into the opponent's environment and learn to think from the opponent's perspective in order to proactively stay one step ahead. The two orcas in the logo spy hop back to back, providing each other with cover in what is a strange environment for them.

E-book Proactief Beveiligen

Proactive security in accordance with the predictive profiling methodology is the reference work for the Proactive Security course. In this book, all elements of proactive security such as the criminal planning cycle, suspicious indicators, security questioning, being able to carry out a threat assessment and red teaming are discussed in detail.

More information or placing an order for the E-book.

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