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Practical guidance CSP®

The purpose of this practical guidance is to guide candidates in possession of the Predictive Profiling theory diploma with the practical assignment and the practical exam. The Predictive Profiling practical diploma entitles you to registration in the Certified Security Profiler (CSP®) register of the Center of Experts (COE BV).

Design of the CSP® practical guidance
The practical guidance consists of 5 evenings: (1 evening every 4 weeks) from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Targeted homework assignments are given between the evening classes that contribute to the practical assignment.

At the end of the practical guidance you have completed the practical assignment and you are ready for the practical exam.

The practical guidance is given at Security Academy, De Bleek 11 in Woerden. In addition to a pleasant and quiet teaching environment, we can provide our candidates with free parking, good public transport accessibility, service and hospitality and (hot and cold) drinks.


Costs: € 1,850 excl. VAT. This includes the practical exam administered by the COE BV examination committee (worth €500).

The group consists of 5 to 7 people to guarantee optimal guidance of the candidates.

See the Training Calendar for the next training.


To learn more about CSP® Practice Guidance, please contact us at .


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