OrcaSecure believes that adults mainly learn through experience. For that reason, there is a lot of practice in our courses and training courses.

Course Certified Security Profiler (CSP®).


Predictive Profiling is the unique approach to security that focuses on the adversary and his method of operation. The methodology can be applied to both public accessible and closed objects.


Working from the methodology of Predictive Profiling makes it possible to recognize preparatory criminal or terrorist acts and to prevent the imminent incident Where traditional security organizations often responds to incidents, proactive security effectively prevents incidents and saves costs.

Course Instructor Training Security Officers  (RHSOI®)



Security guards have to deal with an adversary. An adversary who is well prepared, practiced and motivated. In order to be able to withstand this threat, our security officers should also be well prepared. The preparation consists of thorough training, additional specific courses and knowledge of procedures and instructions. By regularly practicing skills, security personnel are well prepared to resist the threat.

Coaching course  CSP®

The purpose of the coaching course CSP is to help candidates, who already  acquired the theoretical diploma Predictive Profiling, with the practical assignment and the practical exam. The practical diploma Predictive Profiling entitles you to enroll in the Register Certified Security Profiler (CSP®) of the European Security Intelligence Foundation.

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