Exercise Instructor RHSOI®

A trained security guard is a skilled security guard!

Security guards have to deal with an adversary. An adversary who is well prepared, practiced and motivated. In order to be able to withstand this threat, our security officers should also be well prepared. The preparation consists of thorough training, additional specific courses and knowledge of procedures and instructions. By regularly practicing skills, security personnel are well prepared to resist the threat.


In order to properly execute and implement the exercises, exercise instructors are needed who not only able to organize and execute the exercises, but also evaluate and discuss the results of the exercise with the participants.

The course lasts 2 days at the Security Academy, De Bleek 11 in Woerden.

Classes start at 09:00 and last until 16:00.

After completing this course, the exercise instructor will be able to hold exercises with security guards and prepare them for the RSO or RHSO certification.

Costs are € 625, - excl. VAT

The price includes coffee / tea, lunch and the book "Be prepared for the unexpected". From 5 participants it is also possible to provide this training in-company.

Request an offer without obligation.

The learning objectives of this training include:

  • Gain insight into the design of the exercise program;

  • Can develop a training policy plan and exercise year plans;

  • How to perform the exercises;

  • To evaluate and discuss the results of the exercises in a constructive manner;

  • How security officers can be certified;

  • Insight into the quality assurance of the exercise program.

The course for exercise instructors is not concluded with an exam. The candidate exercise instructor starts working with everything he learned during the course. An initial quality audit will follow after 10 to 12 months in which the exercise instructor will be assessed.

A positive result leads to registration in the register of N'Lloyd, after which the exercise instructor is certified as Registered Highrisk Security Officer Instructor (RHSOI).

Trained security guards can distinguish themselves by certifying with N'Lloyd through the Security Passport to Registered Security Officer (RSO®) or Registered Highrisk Security Officer (RHSO®).

A certified exercise instructor is authorized to nominate security officers for certification at N'Lloyd. The initial quality audit is linked to the optional license for exercise instructors
Exercise instructors with a license are periodically (once a year) audited by N'Lloyd auditors to ensure the quality of the exercises performed.

License Exercise Instructor

After following the course, the exercise instructor is candidate RHSOI (Registered Highrisk Security Officer Instructor), and can immediately start organizing the exercises.


After approximately 10 to 12 months, an initial quality audit will take place, after which the exercise instructor will be registered in the register of the independent certification institute N'Lloyd. Enrollment in the register means that the exercise instructor is authorized to prepare and propose security officers for certification as RSO or RHSO.


The accompanying Code of Conduct for exercise instructors and the Quality standards describe the minimum criteria how exercises and other related activities must be carried out in order to guarantee the quality of the certification and exercises at an appropriate level.


The license is issued for an indefinite period with the restriction that it must be renewed annually. This is done by the annual quality audit in which is assessed how exercises are conducted which leads to competent RSO or RHSO certified security officers. The criteria which are audited are mentioned in the Quality Standards. The audit is carried out by auditors of OrcaSecure.


The costs of the license are € 995, - (excl. VAT) per exercise instructor, per year, per location. If more than one exercise instructor is active at the same location, 25% discount per instructor will be applied.