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Masterclass CSP®

During the masterclass, the Proactive Security methodology according to the Israeli method is fully discussed and, using various practical examples, it is explained how this effective method of security can be implemented in practice and what the added value is for the company or organization.

Topics covered include:

  • The Attacker's Method of Operation. How does a perpetrator type go about achieving his or her goal and how can we find the answer to this question.

  • When is an anomaly strange, suspicious or a threat and what criteria and methods are used to determine this?

  • What elements does a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) consist of and how do you develop these procedures?

  • Red Teaming is an important part of testing the effectiveness of the security system. How do you organize a Red Teaming exercise and how do you determine whether the intended effect is being achieved?

  • The application of this methodology to the “Insider Threat”. How can the threat from within be controlled and damage prevented?

  • And various other topics that apply within the methodology.

The Masterclass ends on the third day with a theory exam. A positive result results in the Proactive Security Diploma.
With this diploma you can possibly continue for certification as a Certified Security Profiler.

What will you receive when participating in the Masterclass?

  • All presentations presented during the Masterclass;

  • Background information with various articles and other interesting reading;

  • Some videos;

  • The Practical Workbook on Proactive Security with exercises that can be used during the implementation process.

The market value of the masterclass is almost € 2,500. Only for SMSP members can we offer the Masterclass for 10% of this market value and the total costs, including the theory exam and all information, are €245, including VAT.

You can register and register for the Masterclass from February 23 to 25 via the button below

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