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Threat Analysis Course

The threat analysis is the basis for effective security, so that security can be the key for success for your organization.

Security shouldn't be a cost factor, but an investment that pays off.

The threat analysis is not a risk analysis. The risk is the consequence, the effect of the threat. Effective security measures focus on threats, so that risks become manageable and damage is prevented.

The threat analysis provides answers to the 3 basic security questions.

- What to protect

- Who is interested in the assets of the organization

- What is the method of operation of the adversary.

When purchasing this e-learning you will receive

- More than 40 videos containing all information about the threat analysis;

- Various practical examples which you can apply;

- 6 exercises with which you can easily make a step-by-step threat analysis for your own


- Useful tools and formats.

The course is concluded with a test. If the test is successfully completed, you will receive the certificate Threat Analysis.

This e-learning is part of a series of seven courses in Proactive Security Risk Management. The remaining six courses are Risk analysis, Business case, Proactive Security, Stand Operation Procedure development, Red Teaming, and the application of the concept to the Insider Threat.

If you have all seven certificates, you can take the Certified Security Profiler (CSP®) theory exam, which is administered by the Center of Experts.

The value of this course is approximately what security advisors charge for conducting a threat analysis for your organization, which is approximately between €6,000 and €10,000.

You received a wonderful report, but you didn't live through the analysis yourself, which is very important for the follow-up.

In addition, a threat analysis is not a one-time action. The threat analysis is dynamic and needs to be updated periodically on the basis of changing social circumstances or changed activities of your organization.

This e-learning, including the tools and online support, is offered to you for the one-time amount of $95.

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